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Player & Team Develomental Training

Player & Team Develomental Training

Virtual Classes - Individual and Small Group
A unique experience for all ages and levels. Our professional coaches teach young athletes Ball Mastery at home.
Daily virtual live classes. We offer bulk discounts! Stay Positive & Healthy. Each session is 60min

Call or Email for pricing.

Individual and Small Group

  • 2 Multi-session package fee (package consists of 4-8 sessions)
  • 3 Small-Group Sessions (2-4 players). Parents form their own groups or we can help you form a group.
  • 4 Home training: For an additional $ fee, we’ll travel to you at your place.

Total soccer Boys& Girls Ages 4-15 
Focus on ball mastery
Scoring Goals: Scoring goals is a crucial part of the game. This class is a great fit for forwards looking to improve their goal-scoring ability.

Goalkeeper Training: Boys & Girls  Ages 6-18 Focus on shot stopping, footwork, decision making, three-dimensional angle play, distribution.

Physical Training: Boys& Girls 7-15  Agility, Balance, Coordination, speed

Team Training:
Premier team, local town team, or a rec level team, One of our professional coaching staff to meet your individual needs. Our goal is to work closely with each team to create a specific and customized program to take your team or club to the next level.

Trainer Schedule Options: Based on the needs of your team, you can schedule one, two, or three training sessions a week with our staff. All sessions are 60/90 min in length and can be scheduled any day of the week.

Developmental Curriculum: After an initial team and player evaluation, our trainer will formulate a customized developmental curriculum based on the level and needs of each team.

Game Day Attendance: Throughout the course of the season, our trainers will attend games to evaluate the team's performance. This important process allows us to see the progress from team training on  game day

Player Evaluation: Each player will receive an end of the season written evaluation.

For the dedicated teams and players who want to play more, we will give discounted prices for camps, clinics, training programs, and leagues year-round.

Call or Email for pricing.
We offer bulk discounts!
Tel: 914-223-7710
Stay Positive & Healthy


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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for GOLDEN TOUCH SOCCER CLUB and support youth in your area.